Making sense of your information

Empowering Knowledge with Cutting-Edge Technologies 


Scriptor Artis is a deeptech technology solutions provider, specializing in the application of innovative cognitive technologies for efficient knowledge management and enhanced human intelligence.

By combining NLP AI, NoCode, and Big Data, we transform data into qualified and actionable knowledge, delivering high-performance and disruptive solutions to our clients.


Expanding Knowledge Management

Organize and structure information optimally to facilitate access and use.

Automation and Process Optimization

Save time and improve the efficiency of your workflows by automating repetitive tasks and optimizing processes.

Customization of Business Applications

Quickly design CRM and ERP tailored to your needs with our No-Code technology.

Assistance in Information Production

Benefit from AI capable of verifying the quality of your information in real-time and helping you produce reliable and relevant content.

Turn your challenges into opportunities with our innovative solutions


In a constantly evolving world, effective knowledge management and leveraging information are crucial to staying competitive. 

At Scriptor Artis, we've developed technological solutions to address the following challenges. Discover how our innovative products, Clavus and Devana, can help you turn these challenges into opportunities for your business.



The AI that classifies data & enhances knowledge

To cope with the exponential increase in information and the growing risk of fake news, Devana becomes synonymous with reliability, and focuses on data qualification.


Personalized intelligent assistant for:

From Research to the development of applications dedicated to knowledge transmission


In 2019, the Scriptor Artis team worked to meet the needs for secure organization and storage of knowledge. The aim is to design an ergonomic, sovereign, and scalable collaborative suite thanks to its own no-code system [FORMER] to meet the changing needs of R&D professions.

By now integrating NLP technology into no-code, we have taken the gamble of simplifying application design via prompt generation for enhanced code access.


Intelligent Digital Workplace organizing information

To address the exponential diversification of digital tools and the growing multiplication and dispersion of data, Clavus becomes synonymous with clarity, championing simplicity coupled with speed.


Personalized intelligent assistant for:


Harmonizing Human and Artificial Intelligence: Expertise and Innovation


The uniqueness of Scriptor Artis lies in our ability to harmonize human and artificial intelligence, thereby creating an unprecedented technological expertise. By mastering the latest technologies such as NLP AI and NoCode, we enhance these skills through tailored and evolving support. This innovative combination allows for the creation of robust technological solutions, supporting businesses in digital transformation and stimulating innovation within small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Our solutions are designed to evolve in real-time, synchronizing with the pace of our users. By strictly respecting ethics and the protection of intellectual property, we ensure optimal data security. At Scriptor Artis, we are more than technology experts, we are the innovation partners of our clients.


Our Expertise in Action



Real-time text 


The AI explains and provides qualified readings

New Search


Devana searches across your devices and the web



A dedicated cloud allows for hosting your documents



Devana learns from your searches and documents

Multi-device connection

Connect your AI to your devices for optimization



Devana guides your writing: structure, syntax, sources





End-to-end encryption, data replicated on remote servers

Independence Autonomy

A native no-code to create your own tools and Apps



An architecture that preserves the IP of Apps and APIs



Lightweight code on green servers from our partner Scaleway



Data protected within native applications hosted in France



Customized dashboard to process your data and steer your activities


Clarity for Innovation Now


In a world that suffers from excess information, we offer solutions for clarity and innovation. 

Our research on the intellectual process of producing information is paired with our expertise in next-gen technologies to deliver products that empower and enrich human cognition. Our team works tirelessly to craft solutions that foster potential growth and innovation, centered around the organization and qualification of information. 

From ideation to verification, and through to creation, we are with you every step of the way to shape the future!