Delacroix  CEO

Barbara holds a doctorate degree, is a philologist and a lawyer. She initiated the Scriptor Artis project in 2017. At that time, the goal was to provide a solution to assist researchers and students in knowledge production. She has since mentored over 300 thesis and dissertation projects while conducting research on knowledge production processes and the possibilities of AI. 

In 2020, she specialized in psydesign and decided to transform Scriptor Artis into a deeptech company. The company's goal now is to couple both human and artificial intelligences. Thus, Scriptor Artis becomes a cognitive solutions provider dedicated to organizing and qualifying information, the drivers of innovation.

"Yes, i now.🔮" 

An avid reader of all sorts, from thesis papers to questionable Twitter accounts, armed with numerous degrees, an unwavering mentor, and wanting to take on all jobs, Barbara has a thirst for knowledge, experiences, and an elephant's memory. 

Her Goal

To boost the future of human innovation with next-gen technologies.


Sant  CTO

Marvin joined the Scriptor Artis project in 2019, and later became a co-founder of the company. Having been a developer since the age of 14, with experience at companies like Free and Webedia, he is an expert in cloud computing, big data, and AI

"🎤 Essentially, anything is possible.🧞‍♂ "

At 17, Marvin was managing over 50,000 unique visitors on his first platform. Today, he is the inventor of the Former technology, which allows for hyper-scalable database management.

His Goal

To make his code an accelerator of intelligence



Ducellier  Lead Developer

Jean was there on the first day of Scriptor Artis SAS on December 1, 2020. A steadfast ally to our CTO, he rose to the role of our lead developer. He is one of the minds behind the creation of the nocode technology, Former.

"🎤 pouët pouët🎶 "

Jean serves as the company's CHO. He creatively facilitates our daily meetings, bringing a bit of joy to the team every day.

His Goal

Jean is motivated by a single concept: a sovereign code for extraordinary applications.


Thbaut  AI developer

Thomas joined us in the summer of 2021, specializing in the development of intelligent systems. His research work focuses on the implementation and fine-tuning of NLP AI.

"🎤 pimlimpimpim🎶 "

Always smiling. Always present. Thomas has his little thing: he sings while coding... but not only that... Thomas has a zest for life and he transmits it in every line of code he writes.

His goal

Thomas aims to lend all his support to projects dedicated to youth and Research.


Sant  Senior Developer

Andy has already made his mark in development. In search of complex R&D missions, he joined Scriptor Artis in 2022 to tackle tough interfaces and challenge himself every day.

"🎤 No problem 😌 "

Following in his brother Marvin's footsteps, Andy masters algorithms and proves to be a real driving force in R&D projects. Andy contributed to the design of the Former technology and it's a success!

His goal

To simplify the complexity of data.



Delacroix  Artistic Director

Jérôme is passionate about Art. From music to graphics, his creativity inspires us. He joined Scriptor Artis in 2023 to animate our communities.

"🎤 We need striking music 🎵 "

Thanks to his sense of organization, he manages the artistic direction and brings each of our brands to life. The entire soundtrack of Scriptor Artis is Jerome, aka Niala'Kil!

His goal

To give visibility to his favorite startup!



Vrignaud  Designer

Malaury is an incredible designer. Her artistic touch can be seen in the visuals and motion designs for Devana.

"🎤 I dream of Scriptor Artis ❤️‍🔥"

Malaury loves Scriptor Artis. It's like family! Her big heart is reflected in her creations. What could be better for solutions dedicated to intellectual well-being?

Her goal

To see Scriptor Artis take flight.